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Why is workplace safety such a big deal with Wayne Bramwell

Thu 7:00am 19 Oct 2017
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We speak with Wayne Bramwell from Bramwell and Partners about workplace safety and why it's so important these days.

With acceptable risks at an all-time low and high moral values for life and limb, workplaces are obligated to do the right thing. It that is not enough of an incentive, then the fines and legal action that can be bought in the case of negligence can be very costly.

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Video transcript:
Why is workplace safety such a big deal these days is the subject of today's ecentral business show. I'm John Nayler and joined today with my Wayne Bramwell from brenell and partners Wayne thanks for coming on the show thank you John okay great now you guys are the compliance and HR business why has it become such a big deal compliance workplace safety well workplace health and safety act in itself ensures that businesses are responsible for ensuring that everybody goes home at the end of the day in the same condition that they went to work nobody should go home injured or worst case don't go home at the end of the day no okay but that's a rather official area this just you know answer that's dumb this down the thing I mean here's what obviously you like the idea of your staff staying alive here you're not getting injured in the workplace I mean where does that come in to it has a workplace safety you know and compliance stuff and holding up and having manuals and training and on top of the legislative side what it does as well is make a better business better operation business so as reduces risks in the business risk being injuries to people costs to the business yeah through insurance web work cover even any injury in your business is going to cost the business in down time loss of productivity lots of different areas yeah so yeah it's on top of the legislative requirements it's going to be a benefit to the business yeah so I mean beyond the obligation to it I guess what we're sort of saying is it's a bit of a gamble almost you know if you're not going to do things around workplace and safety and compliance third thing that you're making a bit about you're betting against yourself in a way I guess it is yes and the other thing is if purely by insuring people that are trained correctly have all the correct tickets you're actually producing a better result your client as well because the people you have working for you are better equipped to do the job okay so all right again another another benefit that safety you a does actually give your business yeah okay so we're saying they'd dump it down things over the point of this is the way you hit a nail and or you know a piece of wood if you do that the consistent manner you're getting a better quality is that why you're coming in to dumb it down in a way that's that's really dumb in a down at the bottom of the level well we can talk about a crane and a worksite you know look easy and it's what's reasonably practical is the other thing there's a different level of safety that's going to be concerned around a high risk activity now designated high risk activity is things like working at Heights yeah okay have cranes people working in high-rise buildings and working around high voltage energy confined spaces welding those types of things there are actually a designated high risk tasks and so we need to even be more concerned around those types of tasks around the risks involved with them so as because there's going to be more chance of actually somebody getting hurt in those tasks yeah okay so and then I get to come back to the gambling vernacular there's those things you know higher and working heights is it more of a thing where you're working whether it's a lower set of odds or you know there's a higher risk meaning lower odds and if something if shit happens it's gonna cost you yes yeah I'm part of the system with that that's used in in safety is a risk matrix so it it looks at the probability or the possibility of something happening hmm and down ones go against the severity of the results of it could somebody actually be fatally catastrophic injury and in the worst case so where along that is an acceptable risk hmm obviously something to where somebody can die that is in an unacceptable risk and the work should stop okay alright if it's that you're using a hammer and an aisle then what's the potential of of hitting your hand what's the worst can happen you end up with a first-aid injury maybe yeah so therefore the level of risk that's involved in it is less hmm yeah so yeah you know you don't have to look at the same sort of level across all all different destination every task should be assessed on its on its own merits yeah okay so that's sort of classic sort of kingi ad where the guy drops the hammer out of the thing that cascades there to bump some going to hardhat and the cigarette pops out of his mouth and that goes there's some yeah I mean that there's comedy in that but that's a deadly serious business if I resume in deadly yeah absolutely I was actually just watching a video the other day that had an example of a shackle being dropped from 20 meters and then the difference between it going from 20 to 30 meters and the effect with the hot air and not without it oh shit yeah okay with a hardhat I think the worst result was a graze on the neck wear it down soft heart out and hit the neck okay without the heart it straight through split really means dead okay so that's why you wear a hard hat mmm we're I'm probably a little bit different and I'll probably get a little bit in front here is that we really teach about risk assessing the actual job you're doing so you don't wear a hard hat if there's no no possibility of something falling out of the sky things just yeah the possibility of something falling out of a plane is very very very mind you so yeah so you don't need to wear a hard hat on that occasion yeah and bird poop is just embarrassing it's not absolutely yeah whereas if there's a crane around if there if you're working on a construction site where there are people working above you mm then there's an increased risk yeah so therefore that's why you should wear a how to not just because we made a rule you where hi-yah but actually assess why you would wear it okay so what level risk is okay then perfect well that there would be there's different levels I guess and we break it down colors to make it easy for every man every person to be able to assess their own risk Green is perfect means that there's really there's going to be no chance of it happening one in a hundred chance and and a minor medically treated injury public as the worst case result so again hit me and so that's not an issue okay well if you've got something like that you would still want to make sure that people are trained in how they're doing their job and that's why you don't know just get somebody off the street and say right I go and go and do this work and they haven't been trained in at all you would always do some type of training yeah and that's just common sense okay otherwise that work walk around in circles all day doing nothing and not actually doing the job little bit before they get hurt they just haven't done the job yeah you know sense yeah okay very good yeah we're gonna run their time in the segment but that's um that's encapsulate this for you so grand well a partner's you do worker and compliance HR documentation training and stuff like thousands in summary yeah yeah we don't do the training no we're not we're not an RTO where we work with their clients to get their documentation all their policies and procedures in place so as they're compliant with the act and have everything so they can manage their business better okay I'll work with SEOs and say well you might need to do for the training so I'll put them in contact with our chair that can help them get the the proper training fantastic they're here they contact you why Remo partners we've got a web page WWWE ml partners comm that I you I've been all Wynette brim openers Khanderao is my mattress no there you go fabulous second wine stick around a lot to talk to you more about the subject but thank you very much for coming on this episode the east central business show thanks I'm really pressure thank you that's all all done for this episode the ecentral business show I'm John Nayler.

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