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The natural laws of trust - Greg Pritchard on the eCentral Business Show

Mon 10:00am 09 Mar 2020
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For the final segment of this four-part mini-series on the eCentral Business Show, Greg Pritchard spoke about the natural laws of trust. Trust can only be developed by nurturing relationships, and it comes from a place of accountability. Greg also explained the benefits of remaining mindful in the interactions we have with others, to ensure we create as many trusting relationships as possible.

One of the most important aspects of trust is that it does not come naturally, but rather must be nurtured into existence. Building trust is not an instantaneous process, but one can lose trust in an instant. Monitoring your behaviour is an excellent way to nurture trust. Though you may feel your actions are coming across as trustworthy, you must constantly audit yourself to ensure that other people are interpreting your behaviours as you are. To that end, it is vital that you are continually listening to feedback, as doing so is the best way to determine if other people trust you or not. A prime example of a trustworthy behaviour that can be easily monitored via feedback is accountability.

If you wish to appear trustworthy, it is essential you hold yourself accountable, though this process will vary from person to person. Accountability is deeply steeped in personal biases: it relies on how others perceive your relationship, how they expected you to behave, and whether or not they feel you have delivered on any promises you have made. As such, it is clearly not enough just to follow-through on your promises, but rather to continue to communicate as the process continues. When a teacher covers content the class already knows but haven't yet completed, there is a breakdown of communication and accountability. The students expect the teacher to teach something useful, while the teacher expects the students to learn the syllabus. Technically, both parties have done exactly as they promised, but by failing to communicate, these promises have become incompatible, and neither party can be considered trustworthy. As such, it is crucial to hold yourself accountable, and ensure all involved parties are satisfied with your performance. However, just because the teacher failed that particular group of students does not mean they are incapable of developing a trusting relationship; one should always be mindful of the manner in which they have prejudged the people around them.

When you are mindful of the people you interact with, you are able to notice more of the details of that interaction. Human beings are only capable of consciously processing a small number of stimuli at any given time, despite registering hundreds or even thousands of inputs at once. For instance, while reading this article, you have been consciously aware of the words, the font, the typeface, and the light of your screen, but only now will you consider the weight of your tongue within your mouth. That's not to say your tongue was weightless until I mentioned it, but rather, it simply wasn't something you were consciously aware of. The same can be said for our interactions with other people - there are a variety of stimuli we consciously process, and a number of stimuli that we don't. However, because there is so much to consider, your mind will begin to block out the least important information. If you enter a conversation with a preconceived notion about how trustworthy someone is, your mind may begin to block out indicators that disagree with your bias. As such, it is critical you are always mindful of the people you interact with, and you ensure you avoid any preconceived biases before starting a new conversation; you never know who may ultimately be someone of great importance to your life and your career.

While trust cannot be created spontaneously, it does not need to be a monumental effort. Greg Pritchard (from LeadnEdge Consulting) explains that to build trust, you only need to nurture your relationships, hold yourself accountable, and be mindful of those around you. You may contact Greg at 0411 671 030, or visit his LinkedIn page,

Greg Pritchard

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