Why on earth would you offshore or outsource?

Why on earth would you offshore or outsource?

Fri 02 Dec 2016
By John Nayler

From time to time I get approached by Australian businesses who are using IT and digital services from offshore locations. This is something that I will always be against, for a number of reasons:

1. Language barriers
I've spent a lot of time over the years with international people, really enjoying their culture, perspectives and have some deep friendships overseas. However there is no question that using offshore staff who don't have English as their primary language will always come with concerns and questions. As I have encountered with offshore staff, there are plenty of occasions where their English is great, but spoken with an American accent - so they undertand English with a US accent better. When I speak to them with an Australian accent, they are less likely to understand me. The compromise in communications can be costly.

2. Nuances in the Language
To further explain the difficulties surrounding the language barrier, there are some pointed elements of language which can cause more confusion, in the detail and colloquialisms. Specific and technical language makes better sense in the original language, thus translating it over to English creates confusion and frustration. A case in point was a recent international Skype conversation to India. When the software developer was asked to list some data with newest to oldest order, he responded confidently that he would display the data in chronological order. The obvious mistake he made here and the correction that I had to make was that it was "reverse chronological" order.  This was further compounded with the follow up meeting notes listing and stating that the data would be listed in "chronological order".  So he had to be corrected a second time. The concern that he is the project manager, and despite being corrected twice might still communicate the wrong list order to the software development staff... and the chance that it might still be wrong.

3. Bad connections on Skype
I have been using Skype since its inception and now I am an enormous fan of Facebook voice and video for an ever-increasing rate of quality. It has been my experience though that connections across and using these technologies will from time to time suffer quality dropouts, disconnections and other related drama.  Compounding the language difficulties a bad connection and the communication slows to a crawl.

4. Time  zone
Time zones are an obvious factor when it comes to using outsourcing . I'm a morning person and that means that outsourced resources that we would use from Australia would still be typically fast asleep. The communications you wish to have with them done by email, messenger or Skype are going to happen during the next business day. The turnaround time on these communications is then therefore typically 24 hours for iterative time and processing. That's a really slow pace for work in this constantly shifting world we live in.

5. The feeling that you're selling yourself and the country short is another factor.
Maybe I am a bit overly patriotic but I believe in investing in Australian talent and helping them learn, grow and mature into Australia's future success. When developing talent, there is no question that spending the time in person mentoring, coaching and showing things in detail is the best and most efficient way ... this is not something that can be done effectively over Skype or by offshore relationships. I also fully support and currently started a plan to import some outstanding talent to support the growth of my business.

As a result of these factors any offshore project is likely to suffer from the following problems:
- Communication breakdown
- Slow turnaround times
- Lack of quality
- Extra time spent quality controlling
- Excess iterations to get to the result desired
- Accepting lower quality output as time and patience has run out
- Deep rooted frustration
- Angry clients
- Lost opportunity
- Lower profits
- Knowledge drain and strain

This is the reason that eCentral advises against outsourcing, unless there is an outstanding reason or quality on offer.

John Nayler is a 30 year IT industry professional who has spent the past 20 years operating eCentral, consulting to businesses and getting results from Digital Marketing and the best, most reliable technology of the time.

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"... to a site that is user friendly, produces fantastic results"

We have been working with eCentral for over a year now ...and will continue to use his services indefinitely due the complete satisfaction we have in this arrangement. They have taken us from a web site that was hard to manage and invisible to a site that is user friendly, produces fantastic results in terms of direct business...they have placed us into top 5 positions ...and I can now see the steps they took to grow our understanding, knowledge and then take the steps to grow our online success. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Shane McNally
Whitehaven Xpress

You might ask, why do John's web designs work so well?

No matter how clever in an IT sense web developers may be, if they don’t understand the basic principle that web sites are a business’s window to the world and should convert information into revenue, they aren’t of much value. For these reasons, I have immense respect for John Nayler and his knowledge and skills and highly recommend him to anyone who may be thinking of engaging his services.


eCentral consistently delivered software systems that sustained our growth and the need for bespoke software to support the business model.

The simplicity of the systems and software enabled staff to proceed with minimal training while delivering reports integral to the management of the business. By the time the systems were built, eCentral had gone on to construct a Trust Accounting System which was fully integrated with the rest of the application set streamlining our workflow significantly and providing substantial cost saving due to efficient work processes. For an IT consultant, John has a unique capacity to interrogate the processes within the business and understand the business drivers. His solutions were always with our specific business outcomes in mind. I have, in over 40 years in business, found this to be a very rare combination. I highly recommend the software development capabilities of John Nayler and eCentral.

Don Horsfall
Conveyancing Works Solicitors

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