Queensland's Best Marketing Program

Queensland's Best Marketing Program

Bulletproof Methods, Exponential Results

Since 1999 eCentral has stood for integrity and results, using the best marketing methods and technology.

The best of our methods is now packaged into "Queensland's Best Marketing Program" which includes more than 15 marketing and digital winners. It is a distillation of the most powerful and reliable things we do.

This is where you come in. We are seeking more great Queensland businesses that believe in client service, the importance of having a first rate reputation and want to grow.

Now is the time for you to take action. Call on us to get a free investigation into your currently marketing methods, your reputation and insights and the marketing changes to make your business grow.

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Aptus Plumbing & Gas

Queensland's Best Plumbers, Brisbane Northside

Aptus Plumbing & Gas grew their business with eCentral

Case Study: Aptus Plumbing & Gas

Aptus Plumbing & Gas were referred to eCentral by another one of our Queensland's Best clients. Brett, the owner of the business had 3 meetings with eCentral prior to his engagement with us, which culminated in Aptus Plumbing and Gas joining the ranks of Queensland's Best in March 2019. Brett wanted to be 100% sure that we were the best company to be his Marketing Managers. We think he chose wisely and the results are evident in his financials, enquiry rates and top of key SEO positions.

Core strategies for marketing reach of Aptus Plumbing & Gas

Marketing and Digital strategy

The Queensland's Best Marketing Program helped Aptus Plumbing & Gas make a start on consumer marketing. When they saw our fixed-price program that took place over 12 months with no Google Ads or add-on costs, Aptus Plumbing & Gas knew our program was the right choice. How great would it be to have a marketing plan in place that has been proven to work?

Online Reputation Management

Our methods for generating online reputations meld perfectly with Aptus Plumbing & Gas’ 5-star attitude towards customer service. They started with less than 20 5-star reviews, and just 18 months later, they now have more than 200 of them. Aptus Plumbing & Gas has retained their 5-star rating while undergoing a 1000% increase in reviews, helping generate large amounts of business. How many more sales could you make is your prospects already know how great your product is?

Hot Water System niche

Aptus Plumbing & Gas have cemented their positions as the local hot water system thanks to eCentral taking advantage of a gap between the failure of hot water systems and the current lack of online advice on this topic. People can use the new app on the website to find a hot water system suited to their personal needs - every week, this unique system brings in new business Can you generate more income by focusing on the right work?

Aptus Plumbing & Gas Testimonial

Brett Mulhall speaks about marketing with eCentral.

"John and his team have just been brilliant"

When I first spoke to John we were nowhere. We had zero leads in the marketing space, we were not on any Google pages. ... Being with John and the team, eCentral, we managed to now reach page one. And even now in recent times up to position number one for "plumbers northside". ... It's bringing our leads in, where we were maybe every 3 to 4 weeks, now we get those numbers per day.

Brett Mulhall
Aptus Plumbing & Gas

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Tree Essence

Queensland's Best Arborists, Gold Coast, Tweed & Byron

Tree Essence grew their business with eCentral

Case Study: Tree Essence

Through eCentral's secret 18 point Queensland's Best Marketing Program, Tree Essence watched as their existing Wordpress website was transferred to Jetstream, eCentral's digital marketing platform. It looked no different, but the website was infinitely faster, grew new branches of gorgeous content about their work and their commitment to quality. Shortly after implementation the website sprouted eCentral's "local search" strategy - the likes of which they had never seen before.... and the results are locking in at the time of writing and available for you to test - simply pick a Gold Coast suburb and Google "tree removal that-suburb" - you will find Tree Essence near the top of ever search result, if not in position one!

Tree Essence has expanded inspired by the steady increase in enquiry rates - They are a growing business and thrive in the fierce market place of Arboriculture and tree removal as a premium provider of expertise and quality customer service.

Core strategies for marketing reach of Tree Essence

Suburb Level Expertise

Tree Essence were able to benefit from an increased SEO footprint thanks to our new webpages for every suburb locality in the Gold Coast, Twee, and Byron Bay. Customers and Google love these pages thanks to their wealth of photos, job histories, case studies, and local reviews, and they’re commonly at the tope of relevant searches as a result. Many people choose Tree Essence because they seem to be a local business that understands their needs. How would your business benefit from more local clients?

Content - case studies

eCentral’s phenomenal, local team creates case studies, FAQs, and other outstanding content every week, complete with perfect grammar, and posts it to the Tree Essence website, social media, and Google My Business. By demonstrating knowledge of their field, Tree Essence is able to generate an exponential amount of business. Is the public aware of how great your work is?


Customers will need regular help from Tree Essence over the years, making it important to stay in touch. eCentral’s proprietary Jetstream system makes it simple to collect cast studies, news, and promotions into a monthly newsletter of rich content to send to clients. Do you think it should be easier to keep in touch with your old customers?

Tree Essence Testimonial

Jamie Montgomery speaks about marketing with eCentral.

"Your business will grow expontentially"

If you are serious abou tdeveloping your business, I would definitely give eCentral a call. These guys are fantastic. They know what they are doing, and your business will grow exponentially.

Jamie Montgomery
Tree Essence, Arborists

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Fort Knox Storage

Queensland's Best Storage Solution

Fort Knox Storage grew their business with eCentral

Case Study: Fort Knox Storage

Fort Knox Storage is a Queensland based family owned and operated business. They joined the well deserved rank of becoming one of Queensland's Best Businesses in November 2018. The team at eCentral had many meetings with the owners, shareholders and senior staff well prior to this date. Taking on eCentral as their Marketing Managers was something they had to consider very seriously and be reassured that we were up to the task. They wanted new, fresh and innovative ideas to put them ahead of their competitors. So, yes! They chose us and we began to take them on a new upward financial journey.

We began by reshaping their website with the fastest and latest technology and reduced their dependency on paid Google ads. Some of the team here at eCentral undertook a road trip to meet the Managers in various locations to gain a better insight into how each Fort Knox Storage site was operating. We wanted to ensure we took a highly beneficial and holistic approach to the changes that we were making.

Now, 70% of Fort Knox Storage's current business is coming from organic sources that has been very reliable, with more than 2 times the organic click-through rate than before, which is very significant to changing the nature of their business. The statistics continue to show that occupancy is well above the year on year results.

Core strategies for marketing reach of Fort Knox Storage

New Highly-Ranked Website

The existing website had a number of problems that became clear during our first consultation. No more than 6 weeks later, Fort Knox Storage was enjoying the benefits of a new website that converted more enquires with it’s outstanding UX and UI, while also delivering superior functionality to their old product. Despite hand coding the website from the beginning, and needing to integrate all existing content as well as ensure the online quote and enquiry plugins continued to function in the Sitelink software, the eCentral team was able to deliver this exceedingly fast build. Is business being converted by your business at an effective rate?

Massive SEO improvements

Google Ads seemed to be the best option for acquiring new clients to Fort Knox Storage, thanks to their previously-unremarkable SEO standings. Since 1999, eCentral have been developing first-class, white hat SEO methods. Over the course of 6 months, our methods saw Fort Knox Storage improve their SEO standing by 2.5x, and over 18 months, that improvement was now 3x – and that’s despite the recession caused by a global pandemic. Are there more prospects for your business to reach that you haven’t yet?

Surprising marketing and digital analytics

We collect more than 500 data points on Fort Knox Storage’s digital performance by hand every week as part of our work. By using this information, we can identify both where business is coming from as well as any gaps, helping keep us ahead of the curve. Fort Knox Storage has enjoyed an improvement in organically-sourced business after having begun working with eCentral, with the figures moving from 20% to 40%. Can data help you remain confident in your marketing?

Conquer Termites Northside

Queensland's Best termite control

Conquer Termites Northside grew their business with eCentral

Case Study: Conquer Termites Northside

Conquer Termites Northside is a leading example of our Queensland's Best Marketing Program at work. Using a proiritised approach to implementing Queensland's Best Marketing Program, we identified the best opportunities for marketing their business and sought them out first. As success mounted, we implemented the rest of the instruments at our disposal, tweaked secret search engine techniques, engineered a first class social media presence and optimised an engaging website. Video, email newsletters and customer surveys are other critical innovations in the mix.

As a result, Conquer Termites Northside enjoy top Google position across their target geography. They are now perceived as industry leaders. The phone is constantly ringing driving business growth.

Core strategies for marketing reach of Conquer Termites Northside


Locally, Conquer Termites Northside and their website, termitesnorthside.com.au rank first for Google Searches for termites . You’re not convinced? When you search for termites and any suburb from the Brisbane Northside, the results speak for themselves. Searching for “termites northside” and “termites Brisbane” also returns Conquer Termites Northside as a top result Will moving to the top of Google help your business?


The 5-star ranking for Conquer Termites Northside on Google Maps has been hard-won through more than 120 reviews, with more pouring in everyday. This was achieved through our systemised surveying process and training of staff to gather reviews. For the myriad of new prospects contacting Conquer Termites Northside everyday, these phenomenal reviews make it clear they’ve made the correct choice. How could branding yourself as the best choice in your local area help your company?


Of our many choices, their own video blog was the way to go for Conquer Termites Northside. On Facebook, YouTube, and termitesnorthside.com.au, there are more than 40 episodes of “Termite Talk” available. With professionally published videos and marketing for YouTube search, Conquer Termites Northside have positioned themselves as leaders within their industry. Do you want to be a leader in your field?

Conquer Termites Northside Testimonials

Alan Ferguson speaks about marketing with eCentral.

"Proven Results"

Our experience with eCentral started in mid 2017 with their Digital Marketing planning service which revealed a range of ways they wanted to promote us online. Optimistic about the possibilities, we engaged their plan. It took a number of months to kick in but we are now experiencing results 40% and 50% greater than last year. Apart from the need for more staff we would like the trend to continue.

Alan Ferguson
Conquer Termites Northside

Learn more and call  0407 15 13 11

Active Pool Supplies

Queensland's Best Gold Coast Pool Shop & Pool Cleaning

Active Pool Supplies grew their business with eCentral

Case Study: Active Pool Supplies

Active Pool Supplies is located at Bundall and Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. It is an award winning Pool Shop that offers pool services, pool cleaning, equipment repairs and water testing. It is your one-stop-shop for all facets of pool equipment and services.

Around November 2018, eCentral became the Marketing Managers for Active Pool Supplies. The Owner Angus, came upon one of our website designs and was impressed by the appearance. After speaking with us and having a quantified comprehension of what we could do for his business, he was onboard.

By using eCentral's own Jetstream Platform we are now broadcasting emails on their behalf to thousands of more customers included in our flat monthly fee. Active Pool Supplies are now better connected to their customer database and have well programmed and informative campaigns going out.

eCentral orchestrated a very successful 12 week Newsletter campaign over the Christmas and New Year period. So successful that we built a 'Jobs Page', within the website to attract new pool technicians as business was escalating at a rapid pace.

Throughout this very challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCentral have been sending out essential communications to customers reassuring them of the health and safety measures that the team at Active Pool Supplies were diligently undertaking. It was business as usual with new precautions.

The business relationship between eCentral and Active Pool Supplies continues to strengthen as does their financial outlook.

Core strategies for marketing reach of Active Pool Supplies

Fast, Dynamic Website

The Queensland's Best Marketing Program was called upon to replace an 8-year-old website, after there was a failure in another attempt to update it. Search optimisation and the latest web design methods were at the forefront of the new website that eCentral provided in less than 6 weeks using the Jetstream system. New content comes in almost every week, making Google happy. Is your website starting to look a bit old?


Standing out from the competition and securing sales can be difficult in a competitive consumer sector such as pool car, making offers and promotions an outstanding tool. eCentral sends newsletters at a rigorous pace and at the instruction of Active Pool Supplies. By utilising newsletters, you can keep clients regularly informed without needed to move away from the Queensland's Best Marketing Program fixed price model. Can a newsletter help you share your offers with your customers?


Thanks to eCentral’s "contract marketing department" vision for customer engagement, without adjusting the fixed monthly fee, eCentral will develop and distribute promotional offers via various channels, including newsletters, Facebook pages, social media, and the website. There’s no beating the peace of mind that offers for your budget. How smoothly could your business run by utilising a fixed-price contract for support from our marketing department?

Active Pool Supplies Testimonial


I first engaged eCentral to manage our digital marketing in September 2018. Since that time, eCentral has re-created our website, managed our SEO, creatively designed several marketing campaigns (including video creation, newsletters, competitions, and other content to drive traffic). They have effectively monitored and reported results. John and his team are diligent, helpful, imaginative and possess a strong work ethic. I am happy to recommend their services!

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