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How do I optimize your property investment income? John Fitzgerald, Seven steps to wealth

Sat 10:00am 11 Aug 2018
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During our first installment, John Fitzgerald discussed his book, the Seven Steps to Wealth, and explained the three reasons to buy property - either you want to live in it, use it for income, or use it for growth. Of the 3, John is geared towards the 3rd. Growth has a simple mantra; cash flow, cash flow, cash flow. According to John, being in the business of property investing, cash is like oxygen, running out of it is going to be a not-so-slow but oh so painful demise. He shares that the biggest mistake people do when investing in property is over-estimating what can be done in a year, and underestimating what can be done in 10 years. This mismatch of expectation and reality messes up positive cash flow.

So how could one buy a property that would maximise and optimise income? Consider these three tips from John Fitzgerald; Stay at the bottom of the market. John and Daedalus would agree that soaring so high so quickly would not only melt your wings of wax, but it would certainly bring uncertainty in your journey to wealth. The rent market has never been stronger in a property market scene where values are just getting higher. The ideal situation is to make it in the proximity of schools, healthcare facilities, and transport hubs which are all growth areas which brings us to tip number two which is;

Buying in a good location. With 1 in 3 houses being rented, having a property for rent in a good location would not only bring lots of offers but bring in positive cash flow. John has his way of calculating rent, you have to watch the video to find out.

John's third tip is to buy new properties. With the appreciating land prices comes with it the depreciation of property. It's not going to be cheap, but why do you think it's called an investment?

It took John Fitzgerald years to come up with his formula to property investment success, and fortunately, he's willing to share his years of experience to anyone who wants it. Get a copy of John's book, The Seven Steps to Wealth, available now in bookstores all over the country or check out to learn about how you could get one.
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